Specials and Alloy Steels

Recuperación de aceros
inoxidables, refractarios y anti-desgaste

Specials and Alloy Steels

The steel is a basic element of the industry, the reason why in the middle of full global technological development era, the iron and steel industry is considered as strategic sector for economic growth. Among its innumerable properties, the steel stands out for its ability to be recycled indefinitely without losing its attributes, what opens a way of business and a raw materials market alternative for producers.

Clemente Román S.L. sum over 30 years of tradition and experience in collecting metallic materials from different nature, origin and industry.

We bet on the trust of our clients guaranteeing them the quality and effectiveness of our supply. With this aim, an exhaustive and comprehensive control is carried out from the materials acquisition, carrying out a selective collection and loading at origin source, transport tracking to our facilities and subsequent classification, cleaning and storage according to its nature and chemical composition.

By means of an extensive logistic network we are able to cover in a thorough way all the peninsular area, counting among our suppliers with numerous factories that allow us to offer, on the one hand, a continuous supply, and on the other hand, a broad range and variety of qualities and products.

Our specialized team has a long experience in the sector and is always available to the Client to ensure the supply is done attending any requirement of each order or assignment, satisfying all the needs in terms of nature and composition of the product, as well as its dimensions, different sizes or formats to meet the specifications fixed by the final smelting.

Se emplea tecnología avanzada para el análisis químico de chatarra y materiales metálicos, contando con información inmediata, detallada y fiable de prácticamente cualquier aleación. Mediante el uso de procesos espectrométricos y fluorescencia de rayos X, se determina tanto los componentes mayoritarios, como cualquier elemento que pudiera estar presente a nivel de traza y que pudiera suponer algún componente no deseado.

Scraps & Specials Steels


    Compramos todo tipo de acero con contenidos en Cr, Ni, Mo, W, etc.


    Los aceros son analizados mediante fluorescencia de rayos X.


    Los aceros son clasificados en función de los valores de los análisis obtenidos.


    Preparamos los envíos para cumplir con las necesidades de cada uno de nuestros clientes, de acuerdo a las medidas deseadas para darle entradas a sus hornos.


    Los envíos se expiden también cumpliendo las necesidades del cliente, a granel, paletizado, en big-bag, etc.