Clemente Román S.L.

Clemente Román S.L. is a Spanish society founded in 1995 and stablished in Segovia, formed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience, and whose business activity is developed within the industrial field, mainly for cement sector, steelmaking and mining.

Since our history started, the sustained growth has been, and it still is, continuous, expanding in an active manner the technological knowledge and the competitive excellence of its members, offering and providing the Client with a responsible service, adapted to any needs with the utmost professionalism. Due to its commitment with innovation and sustainable development, Clemente Román has become a national reference company in the industrial sector.

The competitive advantage lies in the commitment assumed in each project, putting at the Client disposal all the necessary resources to promote and encourage the works and services rendered, including of course technical and human resources, as well as our wide experience in planning, management, provisioning, monitoring, supervision and execution of major and large-scale works, ensuring always the compliance with the regulations that apply.